JUMBO White with Blue Ink Kit


Jumbo Balloon Kit comes with One Huge 5′ diameter Jumbo Balloon that will raise your visibility to the next level.

Love our balloons? These are the NEW Light Pole Balloon!

The Jumbo Balloon has a huge 5′ diameter and will raise your visibility to the next level. With our installation system, you can have your Jumbo kit up in minutes without any ladders or lifts of any kind. From the ground to the sky in minutes, this kit is a no-brainer.
Clip the link below for Instructions.


Inflation Notes:
The Jumbo Balloon has a one-way emergency screw valve inside, make sure it is screwed down very tight. On the opposite end of the tube make sure it is securely fastened into the black port coming out of the balloon. Do not forget to install the Pinch Clamp once inflated. Light Poles of the Jumbo Balloon must be free of burrs, etc. that could puncture your Jumbo Balloon, but the Jumbo Balloon has added material thick enough to prevent damage.

Also, once inflated, top off a little tighter a few hours later once material has expanded/stretched into place.