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Buy a Balloon Bobber (Car Lot Balloon) Today! Advertise your Promotion, Grand Openings, Car Lot Sales, Birthday Party, Dealership, Apartments for Rent, Real Estate Property, Boat Show with a promotional Balloon Bobber and Car Lot Balloon! Whether your goal is simply to create a festive atmosphere with balloons, be noticed from across the street with promotional balloons, or across town 24/7, you will be sure to receive attention with these reusable dancing bobbing balloons!

Getting a Car Lot Balloon eliminates Helium and all the hassles that go with it! Car Lot Balloons always fly high in rain or windy weather. These reusable balloons can be deflated and re-inflated for multiple uses. Saving money by eliminating expensive and cumbersome maintenance of helium tanks and balloon re-supply cost. A terrific long-lasting alternative to helium balloons.

We offer the Balloon Bobber with Pole Kit which easily assemblies on to the Balloon Bobber and can be placed into the ground on any dirt or landscaped area. Making for great visibility, bringing attention to your signs (A-frame, sandwich board, etc.), store-front window, and wherever you need to get noticed. The Balloon Bobber with pole kit stands over 8 feet tall. Permanent Vinyl Visibility Balloon Colors Available.

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Our easy to use balloon kits provide you with everything you need for an eye catching display. Bracket or stand styles are available.

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PermaShine Balloons


These balloons are prefect for your interior advertising solution and reusable balloons are engineered to stay shiny 24/7!

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Mega Jumbo Balloons

Mega Balloons

Mega Kits bring mega crowds! With the same strength as the DuraBalloon Ground Pole Kit, the Mega Pole Kit is a great addition to any frontline attraction.

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Cash Cube - Money Cube

Money Cube

Premier promotional tool for contests, tradeshows, business openings, corporate events.  Designed to create one exciting interaction after another.

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Replacement Balloons


Replacement balloons are just what you need to change the look of any of your vinyl balloons.

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Permashine Accessories

PermaShine Accessories

Accessories for all your permashine kits needs, Including Tower Kits and Hanging columns.

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Dura Balloon Accessories


Accessories for all your DuraBalloon needs, including the Mega Kits, Cluster Pole Weighted Base Kits and Ground Stake Kit.

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Air Dancers


AirDancers are perfect for curbside or in parking lots to drive in lots of attention! The most durable AirDancer Nylon Weather-Resistant Fabric

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Knowledge & Tips: A Balloon Bobber is also known as a Car Lot Balloon, Reusable Balloon, Vinyl balloons, PVC Balloons, Car Dealer Balloons, Auto Dealer Balloons, Suction Cup Balloons, Balloons on a Stick, Beach Ball Balloon, Apartment Balloons, Balloon on a pole, Balloons in ground, Everlasting balloons, Helium free balloon, No Helium balloon, air filled balloons, reusable balloon kit, and an Auto Balloon.

Inflation Instructions & Tips: You may simply inflate by mouth or inflate with an air pump. Do not use helium as it is a very active gas and will escape thru the vinyl over time causing a saggy look. The balloons are supported by a fiberglass rod and therefore no helium is required. In warmer climates make sure that you are only filling up the balloons to about 90%. This will allow the air in the balloon to expand in the heat. In cooler climates, the cooler air will cause the Balloon Bobbers to deflate a little. Filling the Balloon Bobber all the way might help it stay inflated.

Puncture & Color Fading: The balloons will not pop unless punctured. However, over time some balloon colors (like red) will fade a little. A newly designed Red Balloon Bobber will be available late 2012. Normally you can expect 5-7 months before any fading is noticeable, but this is dependent on exposure and intensity of the sun. They will stay shiny as long as the surface is relatively clean.